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    NASA Beach Champions 2016

    06/21/2016, 7:00pm CDT
    By NASA Volleyball

    Here are the 2016 NASA Beach Results:

    First Place- Oreo Bawses: Angel and Shelby

    Second Place- Legally Blonde: Laura Grace and Mikie

    Third Place- Millian: Maddy and Jillian

    Fourth Place- The Dynamic Duo: Sydney and Erin

    Fifth Place- Kerce/Cooper: Riley and Kayle

    Sixth Place- Spike Stars: Sydney and Ashton

    Seventh Place- Mike & Ike: Laney & Sarah

    NASA South Fall Clinic for Non School Players

    06/19/2016, 11:00am CDT
    By NASA Volleyball

    NASA South will be offering Fall Training this year for 16 thru 18 year olds that are NOT  playing high school volleyball. This training is just for kids that did not choose to play or that did not make their teams. We intend to start August the 8th and train 2 days a week thru mid-October. If you are Interested, please contact Chuck Runyan,, or 205-837-9084.

    Strength and Conditioning Opportunity

    06/01/2016, 11:30am CDT
    By NASA Volleyball

    Strength and Conditioning day camp with Tyler and Matt at UAH  Sunday June 19 from 3-6pm at a cost of $50. They will be using myonlinecamps and have a website set up called For the first camp they will be targeting both male and female 15-18 year olds with the idea of better educating high school athletes on the importance and requirement of strength training and conditioning to improve their athletic performance.  

    You can contact Matt at 2563613582.

    NASA South Summer Clinics

    05/31/2016, 11:30am CDT
    By NASA Volleyball

    NASA South will be hosting the following Summer Clinics at OLV Catholic Church & School. To reserve your spot, email Chuck Runyan at

    (OLV - 5514 Double Oak Ln, Birmingham, AL 35242)


    16’s thru 18 year olds, Wednesday June 15, 6:00PM-9:00PM   $30


    10’s thru 12 year olds, Saturday June 18, 9:00AM - 12:00PM   $30


    13’s thru 15 year olds, Saturday June 18, 1:00PM – 4:00PM     $30