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    Tentative NASA Coaching List

    10/23/2016, 7:30am CDT
    By NASA Volleyball


    121- Wendy
    131- Kelly E./Craig
    141-Danielle/Kelly W.
    151- Tanequa
    161- Holly
    171- JJ
    181- Cade

    Additional Coaches: 
    Alison Kenney, Brittany Starkey, Jaimee Freeman, Bianca Richardson, Tim Rickmeyer, Sarah Carreon, Kelly Wilson, Jennifer McKannon, Courtney May, Pat, Connie Nicholson, Ashton Baker, Jordan Grammer

    NASA Boys Team

    10/18/2016, 3:00pm CDT
    By NASA Volleyball

    NASA Boys team for ages 13-15.

    The 2017 NASA Boys team will start in February and go until mid April.

    Send email to if interested.

    2017 College Recruiting Seminar (NASA Huntsville)

    10/18/2016, 10:30am CDT
    By NASA Volleyball

    College Recruiting Seminar by Coach Cade Smith (Head Coach for University of Alabama in Huntsville UAH)  

    When: November 7 
    Time: 6:00 pm
    Where: Westminster Christian Academy Cafeteria - 237 Johns Rd.
                Park in gravel parking lot. Cafeteria is in a portable building
    Who is invited: NASA players and parents only.

    Fall Clinics (NASA Huntsville)

    10/17/2016, 11:45am CDT
    By NASA Volleyball

    Fall Clinic for ages 13-15 

    Sept 26 & 28
    Oct 17& 26

    Clinics will be from 5:30-7:00 at AAA.
    Pay is $15 per session 

    To reserve your spot contact Connie Nicholson @

    NASA (Huntsville) Tryout Dates for the 2017 Season

    10/17/2016, 11:30am CDT
    By NASA Volleyball

    Parent Meeting for the 2017 Season

    When: Wednesday, October 19
    Where: AAA - 4800 Sparkman Dr., Huntsville, Al 35810
    Time: 6:00 pm

    If you have any questions please contact Connie Nicholson at 


    Tryout Fee - $50

    Monday, October 24 @AAA (Academy for Academics and Arts)
    12's- 5:30-6:45
    13's- 6:30-8:00

    Saturday, October 29 @Fern Bell
    14's & 15's - 9:00-11:00
    16's- 11:00-1:00

    Sunday, October 30 @ Grace Lutheran
    17's - 1:00-2:30
    18's - 2:30-4:00

    Tryout Paperwork



    Jump Training 2017 (NASA Huntsville)

    10/13/2016, 10:30pm CDT
    By NASA Volleyball

    Jump training sessions to begin Nov. 7 and will go until Dec  12. Time will be 4:30-5:30 ( Monday/ Thursday) at AAA. 

    Nov. 7- First Round of jump/speed and a workout (including warmup, testing, short workout, cool down) from 4:30-5:15.


    Off Thursday Nov. 24

    Players will be challenged to improve vertical jump, agility, quickness, strength, andjumping form.

    All ages are welcome.
    Cost will be $89. Checks made to Connie Nicholson

    Email to reserve a place . 

    AHSAA Volunteers for Super Regionals

    10/12/2016, 2:00pm CDT
    By NASA Volleyball

    Alabama High School Volleyball North Super Regionals


    Looking for volunteers to help out at the High School Volleyball North Super Regionals to be conducted on 20-22 October (Thursday through Saturday) at the VBC South Hall in Huntsville.

    The volleyball matches will be conducted as follows:
    - Thursday 20th:  9am-5pm
    - Friday 21st:  9am-8pm and may run a bit longer
    - Saturday 22nd:  10am - 1pm

    Volunteer Duties needed to be fulfilled include:
    - Runners to bring score sheets to/from the tournament desk and courts.
    - Scoreboard Keepers to keep digital scores at courts (6 courts will be

    Benefits for Volunteers include:
    - Free parking pass at the VBC South Hall
    - Free Super Regional T-Shirt
    - Free Meal for volunteer's time slot

    If interested, please Contact Nancy Rickmeyer at 256-975-1851 or


    NASA SOUTH Tentative Coaching Assignments

    08/26/2016, 3:00pm CDT
    By wcrunyan

    12's - Jackie Boohaker
    13's - Brent Voisin
    14's - Josh Power
    15's - Chuck Runyan, Donnie Allemon, Gabby Deshotel
    16's - Patrick Smith, Joseph Harris
    17's - Chuck Runyan, Gabby Deshotel, Donnie Allemon, Christy Sherbrook
    18's - Chuck Runyan, Donnie Allemon, Krystal Rivers


    Additional Coaches : Amber Treace, Ashton Slawinski, Kelsi Hobbs, Kaylee Gilchrist, Becky Tucker

    See the NASA South Tab on the Home Page for NASA South Information


    Mailing Address:

    NASA Volleyball
    136 Ridgewood Cir.
    Union Grove, Al 35175